Lyrics to What
What Video:
(Shaggy) yo, uh-huh
(what's happening baby), where you at Beat Boyz
(right here) they ain't ready for this here
Yo, yo, yo, yo,yo, yo

You love a nigga, that's balling right (riight)
Thinking cutting, thugging right (riight)
To pick you up, and thug you right (riight)
I can hear you (uh-huh), I can hear you (uh-huh)
We like women that's classy, jazzy but nasty
With a ass, I can't let pass me (uh-huh)
I can hear you (uh-huh), I can hear you (uh-huh)

I'm the nigga, that you feeling befo'
Knock on the do', with a whole bottle of Mo
Smoking some dope, got a whole pocket of do'
If you ain't buzzed enough, we can get us some mo'
Bottle for you, plus I got a bottle for me
Chocolate filly's, so we can roll up the weed
Shhhh, you know what I came here fo'
We can do what we do, right here on the floor (uh-uh)
Cause the bed, might start squeaking
Plus you might start screaming, when your body start leaking (oooh)
And your kids, might start peeking
And I ain't plan on leaving, till later on this evening
Baby, we can make a movie
It'd be so groovy, baby if you do me
Do me babaaaaay
Like I've never been done befo', you know
Like I never had fun befo', you know
And I just might do you back, (fa real)
I don't think you're really ready, for that (yes I is)
Well come on baby, handle your biz


I like em smelling good, fruity and shit
Big cootie and shit, long as she can handle the dick (shut up)
I like to treat em good, feed em and shit
Treat em to shit, long as she can handle the dick (shut up)
I like to drive em, in the passenger seat
Close to me, long as she can handle me (shut up)
I like it, when I get they legs to shaking
No faking, sensitive her body aching (come on)
You like it when, a nigga do that there (oh yeah)
You like it, when a nigga touch that there (oh yeah)
You like it, when we make it thump
All rough and shit, nigga just slapping her up (come on)
You love it, when we in it for a hour
Coochie all swollen, you're ready for a shower (mmmm)
Who got the power, me that's who
Hush, 'fore you get a taste of deja vue (ooh)


You hear that, Beat Boyz
Uh-huh, what about that, Beat Boyz

You love a nigga that's balling right [x2]
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