What Kind Of World Lyrics

Verna Francis

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Lyrics to What Kind Of World
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What kind of world?
A better kind of world

In my backyard
There stands a tree
It's been living, longer than you
Longer than me
In the distance
I see the lights of the city
Seems the horizon, is closing in on me

We should be living in
A better kind of world
Are we living in
A better kind of world

What you gonna do?
You better begin

In my neighbourhood, in my
I look around
Nothing but cocu, covers the ground
They used to be shaped here
Now the sun is beating down
How couldn't you notice?
The city has come to town


In my city
There's no space to spare
But the politicians don't care
Scientists and teachers, they all agree
Take care of your backyard
And the path to your dreams

What kind of world?


What a world are we living in?
Better! Yeah
Oh, a better kind of world
Tell me, yeah
A better kind of world
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