What I've Been Missing Lyrics

Jeri Bourrous

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Lyrics to What I've Been Missing
What I've Been Missing Video:
Maybe I shouldn't have called
But it's not unimaginable
That I could be wrong
And maybe I shouldn't have left
But I can't take it back
I guess it's something I'll always regret

I just wanted to tell you now
I'm here to settle some old scores
Yeah, I'm back in town
I'd be hard pressed to find
All the time that we lost
But you know I'm always right on time

I see what I've been missing
But it was never really gone
I see what I've been missing
And it was right here all along

I always thought that
I deserved better than you
I just need to be shaken, awaken
After all the dust has settled
And all the other men have gone
I see that it doesn't get any better than you
No one even comes close


Looking back
We never were a mistake
But you kept on giving
And all I did was take
But I know now
How stupid I've been
Can I just apologize
And hope to be forgiven

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