Lyrics to What If
What If Video:
What if I in a raving haze and a turn of the cards
Enlightened at last...
What if I with a clueless front and a cryptic wink
Now what if I...

This was a dream I had
Was made to burn them sleeping in their beds
His back was turned my way
Our eyes connected anyway
Angel behind me said:
�Burn them alive�, 'cause they were not yet dead
He emptied out his wine
Can you believe it, I held on to my

It just might be the one way
I'm ever going to learn
There's no two ways about it
I'm going, I'm gonna learn

What if I announced to the world
My intentions to outlive everyone... [Draw a cube]
Who has been lying to himself
Now what if I did this and that and the other...

Remember what I said
About the angel with the backward head
He wasn't just a lie
One without a second had a third drop by

It's downright damned and evil
You know it, you know it too
It's downright torn to pieces
You know it, you know it too
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