Lyrics to What I Need
What I Need Video:
I got a head full of dreams
And time here to scheme.
This ain't good

I'm thinking, you know
About what did and didn't go
Like it should

All of these expectations
Just mean my heard will be breaking
Why can't I see?

You give me what I need
Even on the brightest day
Even in a hurricane

You give me what I need
Even when there's way too much
Even when I'm down to dust

I troubled with time
But it's will was not mine
There's no slowin', where it was going

The wishes I willed
All came back fulfilled
I was praying, without patience

All of those expectations
Just meant my heart was breaking
Why can't I see?

I keep calm, carry on
Like nothing ever went wrong
That's what I'm gonna do
Laugh it off, move along
Get back where I belong
Live my life by leaning on you
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