Lyrics to What I Believe
What I Believe Video:
Does anybody stand up today
Does anybody know the truth
Is there any wrong or right
Are there any absolutes
Does governemnt have the answer
Does knowledge have all power
Does the Internet hold the future
Can heaven be reached by a tower

All the theories that the mind can conceive
But what do you believe

I believe that Jesus Christ is who He said
He was
That He walked the earth without sin
He is the Son of God
I believe that He died
But He came back to life
And I believe that His Spirit
Lives inside of me
He's coming back
I'll live forever with Him
That's what I believe

Some think He was just a man
A figure from history
But I've read te words of the prophets
Jesus fulfilled every prophecy
Some talk about His wise teaching
He was great, but not God they say
Well He must be a lar or a lunatic
Because He claimed He's the only way

Opinions of men will come and go
But this one thing I know

(chorus, 2x)

That's what I believe
That's what I believe
That's what I believe
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