Lyrics to What Happen To Me
What Happen To Me Video:

I need money, I be money,
I see money, I take it,
I don't fold with niggers
Who be out there and they fake it.
Real niggers around me.
Aha, they real niggers around me.

A lesson to you niggers,
Don't you come 'round talking sideways,
I'm the keeper, that shit, we fuck niggerway,
Real niggers around me.

My niggers, my niggers,
Your niggers ain't shit.
Look right, B.M.G., cowboy, run shit.
The chopper's on, chopper's on, don't get your ass leaked.
Chopper's outside your home, make a nigger ...
Speed it on, won't they? I ring it where they lay at.
When it come to war time, man, I ate ate it.
Take pictures with them choppers, man,
You ain't gonna spray that.
You never seen a plane,
You never felt the need to keep that.
The shooters ain't real shooters, shoot on,
There's no solution.
Over hill, we swap them out, I take them out,
Then he gon'shoot you.
Clearly we is not the same, over there the cliffs ain't.
Clear that bitch, emptying that chopper, bang, bang.


Loaded guns around me, real niggers who ready for war.
This is cowboy shit, where you know that pessimism from?
I'm the boss of rap synergy,
I shoot you off a BMG.
Aha, there real niggers around me,
They finally found 'bout this street shit.
Niggers talking big, lot of scraps, yeah we eating it.
I know them niggers here, later they be on the TV, man.
All my niggers around me, you know they cutting dirty, till.
See my niece, Maria, I shouldn't have take it,
In your mind you wonder, what came ...?
100% real nigger in me, what you though about me?
Got the killers with me, Benz with me, no stalking me.
I need money, I be money, I see money, I take it,
I don't fold with niggers who be out there and they fake it.


BUG the cartell, the streets, we need real niggers,
You don't cross the line, nigger, and that is your faith you don't meet.
The shooters, they don't scrape at me.
You'gon'make the TV, 'less they heard about the rent,
They smell shit with UZI.
I killer's I ain't checking like they by that
It's my project nigger Jay D.
Fuck, why get in your Benz?
If it's murder, nigger, my lawyer get it acquitted.
You on death struck, I don't give a fuck. I warm me up.
he is ready to die, then, nigger, you're the one done with that.
Shoot'em with more mileage, they finally leave you baking.
You gonna pay me, shiverring and shaking like Kaine.

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