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Lyrics to What Else Is There
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We have some time
To set it aside
And we have set it aside
We have set aside a time when we're going to be together
And it's not too long from now
And I just can't wait
I can't wait to be with you
I want you on my side
I want you in front of me
On the side of me
In back of me
I want you all around, and
I promise, I'll be all around you
I think you're gonna like it, too
I think I can summon all my powers, and
You'll... can't get away, because
You may let me
Because you don't want to get away
You don't know any other place that's better
There is no other place that's better
You're in my world, and
You love it, and
I love you, and
What else is there
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