What Do You See Lyrics

Mick Flannery

White Lies

Lyrics to What Do You See
What do you see when you look in my eyes, Good-hearted man, never tell you no lie, or a good ol'-fashioned thief in his dark disguise? Getting out o' the house, gettin into the cold, Bad for your heart but it's good for your soul, Ah, playin it safe feels just like growin old! You wanna head down town, wanna make some noise, Where they couldn't give a damn about ya, You wanna dance with some loose-belted girl, Knowin' she'll get on without ya. Ah times that I've tried being everyone's friend, Only to find I mean nothin' to them, Well I've given it up, the wantin' to fit in. She go with Jack, she go with Jim, She go anywhere he take her, She run with any snake-hip man, She shake her moneymaker. I've done what I've done an' I've seen what I've seen, Do unto you what you do unto me, Ah, gone are the days when I kept my conscience clean!

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