What Do We Do Now? Lyrics

John Hiatt

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Lyrics to What Do We Do Now?
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CHORUS: What do we do now What do we do now What do we do now What do we do now When it's lying there with a busted heart Like a piece of glass where do you start Do we pick it up or say goodbye Is there one tear left for us to cry CHORUS What if I can't stay What if you can't stay What if I can't leave What if you can't leave What if I believed Every word you say What if you believed Until today Do we call the kids Or call the cops Can you hold me 'till This howling stops CHORUS Gimme back my steel, Gimme back my nerve Gimme back my youth For the dead man's curve For that icy feel when You start to swerve Give us back the love We don't deserve 'Cause we rode it long, We drove it hard And we wrecked it In our own backyard CHORUS

Songwriters: HIATT, JOHN
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