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Lyrics to What Comes Around Goes Around
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Goes around What comes around goes around Sittin here reminiscin back to high school When everytime I see you, girl, you know that I drool Day-dreamin in class thinkin what would I say When I saw you, but you never looked my way It started freshman year and lasted straight to the 12th grade I have to give it to you, though, you was top-shelf, babe I asked myself time and time again: what was it About me that made me treat me like a buzzard I speak to you in the hall and you ignore me You keep walkin and talkin like you never saw me You didn't have to conversate with me, I can say that It woulda made my day if you just had waved back I used to buy you candy, lollypops and gum drops I even pack a extra-sandwich in my lunch box You're treatin me like dirt and everyone in the school knows You call me out my name and crack jokes on my school clothes If anyone could make you feel good, girl, I could But you give me that look like you don't wanna be bothered But that's okay, just keep on frontin, see Cause one day I'ma make it, and you'll be wantin me Been tryin hard ever since I graduated To make it big, and yes, I finally made it Been doin shows, videos and tv Now everywhere you go everybody knows me Now the tables have turned and now it's me you're hawkin Now I turn up my nose, and keep on walkin You see, ladies marvel me in clubs frequently And you make it your duty to come and speak to me Rememberin how she played me in the past Yeah, we can talk, I'm in a rush, please make it fast And we can start off with all the men you been with And don't come poppin that just-a-friend bit Remember how you used to diss me and play me out, how Come you got so much stuff to talk about now? The word's around town that you're on the money tip But sorry, I can't do nothin for ya, honey dip So pardon me as I make my way to the dancefloor And over to the bar because that's what I came for Cuties pamperin me with champagne and roses As I think to myself: thank God for showbiz! Everywhere I turn girlies throwin me rhythm Drinkin and thinkin who will be my victim Here comes that girl that used to diss me She whispers in my ear could she come home with me Yup, get your coat and we could shoot north Took her to the crib, and cold knocked her boots off After i got it, yo, I never did call back Thinkin how she used to front like she was all that It's a new game, and the odds are in my favor She caught the vapors and nothin could save her What comes around goes around You know what I'm talkin about What comes around goes around What comes around goes around What comes around goes around

Songwriters: M HALL
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