Lyrics to What Big Teeth
What Big Teeth Video:
Such a dull knife can't even split the day in half
Or even kill the pain, but it still cuts my thumb
When it tries and leaves me bloody after
Days of throwing it between my fingers

What big eyes, but you can't even see
Oh my god, what big teeth you have
Please don't bite down to devour me
I'm here to help, I'm here to help, I'm here

When I woke up, I was the ocean, swelled
And my fingers, they stretched from coast to coast
To coast to coast and I'd breathe in your sails
If you had anywhere to be at all

So don't you ask me where we are,
don't ask me because I told you,
"I don't know, we're lost at sea."
And that's everything, that's everything I know

And friend, you're a hill today, but tomorrow, I swear
Tomorrow you'll be a mountain
If creeks can carve a rock in two
I know you're sharper than this dull knife

This isn't a public service announcement
It's more like a battle cry,
So climb up onto your chairs,
Look out the window, and say it:
"We're humans, god damnit
And our lives have value"

Everything was beautiful and everything hurt
And then, everything was beautiful and nothing hurt
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