What A Day Lyrics



Lyrics to What A Day
Ey, hör auf!
Heey, heeey, yeah, yeeah, yeah
Mhh, mhh

Wish my day was a day
And my night was a night
[?] you all ride my way
And all that I say to make this day stay
And ride off through the night
Just to make the next day
Sunshine light to you
My moonlight fly, blew, blew me up
Close to the stars in your eye
I got you, you got me
Touching starlights like a million [?]
We got rising stars, they'll never falling down
Days are days and I'm in nightshift night
Here you feel alright with all the songs, are all [?] light
I feel for you, babyblue
And I got you in my arm
[?] placing faces for you, hold on me
What a day
What a day
I'm at the nightshift night