What A Beautiful Landscape Lyrics

Via Dolorosa


Lyrics to What A Beautiful Landscape
What A Beautiful Landscape Video:
Turn around, what you see?
People - robots, life - in chains,
Insenity corrupts our minds
Earth is dying, worldas demise...
& Freedom is just a dream,
Feral terrors rule the world...
Dreadful, monstrous termination,
Endless evil domination!...
Satans world,
Satans land,
Satans people, Satans lifes...
But Ive open my eyes!
Darkness rules, bloodsheds start,
Fear laughfing all the time,
Forcing violence is around
There is no truth, thereas no light...
Wisdom dies in despair, no faith in your deads,
Always watching you somewhere, evil face is everywhere...
Darkness rules our world
Listening to evil words...
Satanas words, Satanas rules:
Fuck them all,& kill them all,
and you will never die...
But I say thatas fucking lie!
Atrocity, hipocrisy, hatred, no democrasy
World corrupted cruelty
Hope is sold, Justice - deaf,
People - blind, cold & numb,
Terror raised, devilas land, - world in hate!...
Bloodsheds everywhere, death demands next

Cursed be, damned be,
You will never get me
I can see the end
Of your fucking land...
I met death & I felt hell,
That is monstrous I shall tell,
Face your gratest fear,
End of it is very near!...
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