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Leslie Carter

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Lyrics to What A Beautiful Day
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CHORUS: What a beautiful day (hey hey) I?m the king of all time And nothing is impossible In my all powerful mind It was the fifth of November, when time it went back Some say that?s impossible, but you and I never looked back And wasn?t it incredible, so beautiful and above all Just to see the fuse get lit this time To light the real bonfire, for all time Repeat chorus I was drinking in the night club It felt good to be back When Hepburn said I love you And Flyn said, make mine a double jack Then we planned the revolution To make things better for all time And when the barman said that was crazy And ordered up a bottle of wine Repeat chorus twice In there on the big screen, every night I?ve seen The way all things could be For me, for me The news broke after midnight, That we pulled the temple down without a sound But the generals they were hiding out And the ministers, Well, they?d all gone to ground Wealth re-distribution, became the new solution So I got a paper bag, but you got the one with all the holes Repeat chorus twice That?s because nothing is impossible In my own powerful mind

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