Lyrics to We've Got Boxes
We've Got Boxes Video:
I want some insomnia
Who's got that insomnia?
I'm just a hired hand,
My watch has it's demands.

I want some overdrive
Who's got that overdrive?
The breaks are broken
but the gas works fine,
I'm working overtime.

Keep your head up,
We'll work faster.
Keep your sweat up,
We're your masters.

We've got boxes,
We've got buttons.
Speed and soda,
we're all gluttons.

The landing party missed
it's check in call.
They're coming late,
or not at all.
The captian opened up the alcohol.
Some think it's bright.
Some think it's bleak.
We tried to stay drunk for
the first seven weeks.

We've been sleeping
with our shoes on
For much too long.

We've been sleeping
with our bags packed
For much too long.
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