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Lyrics to Wet Pussycat
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When she said the bones on - high
When she said the dog gone - high
Blast thru the front door - high
Blast thru the back door - you're all mine - oh

I am the one day
I am the sun lay
Only if you & in your head
Something is wrong babe,
Just come to me said
I ma the only one for you

When you move your hips babe, so fine
When you move your head babe, looking all right
When you shake your ass babe, You're looking so fine
And when you said your heart breaks
You better shake it down

I am your only just because lonely
I am the one because you're true
I am your only, something is lonely
Something is wrong because you're true
You are my only, something
is gone now only because
& if you're true

You got me right, you got
me right, Yea, you got me
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