Westfield Girls (are Bad News) Lyrics

Fish's Eddy

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Lyrics to Westfield Girls (are Bad News)
Westfield Girls (are Bad News) Video:
Driving past these burning buildings.
So glad to leave this place behind.
And what you thought of me, it doesn't matter,
because these problems are no longer mine.

I bet you thought you were the smart one;
to get the jump on this story.
You forgot it, it doesn't matter.
You simply fell too short of greater glory

And I wish you luck, on finding out what friendship really is.
Massachusetts, a place where smiles, deceptions create a tranquil mist to hide your lies.

From witches past, to which is present,
I could smell it from 100 miles.
If you think that, youre affecting anyone,
the pity well has gone dry.

And I never wanted this.
And I never realized
that the thing I wanted most
was right in front of my eyes.
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