Lyrics to West Hills III
I was born right here in Zion
And the messianic God's own Son
His Holy Ghost stories and bloodshed
Never really did scare me none
While they bowed their heads on Sunday
I cut out through hedges and fields
Where the light could place its hands on my head
Free in the west hills

She's got two fully-grown children
With one still stuck on the vine
Once I really got to know the boy
I loved him like he was mine
Some nights we drive up the mouth of the canyon
On hillbilly heroin pills
We get out and watch the sunset
Over the west hills

When the sheriff kicked my door down, I was sleeping in my own bed
And the mess I got caught up in
Rained hard down on my head
And they got me for possession
Of them hillbilly heroin pills
Enough to kill the horses that run
Free in the west hills

If this life was meant for proving
I could use more years to live
But fifteen in a guardhouse
Is more than I'm willing to give
And if there really is a judgment
When the Savior pulls my chart
He will reject my actions
But He will know my heart
And He'll prepare a place for me
Where happiness instills
Where the light can place its hands on my head
Free in the west hills