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Lyrics to West Bay Invitational
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All of the neighbors decided;
It's time to have all our strangers over and make friends.
Chris got a pony keg of loose charm.
I had an accident.
I hurt my arm.
People from bands and labels.
The good ones.
Plenty of stunning children.
East Bay.
You were from Oakland by way of the Midwest.
I bought a rose and a suit with the pants pegged.
You said, "I smelled you twice today."
Someone was passing out somewhere.
We kissed a shot of Kentucky straight.
I swore this life is worth the wait.
Hayes broke the scissors, apologized.
Our kitchen was crowded and steamy.
Isn't it always?
I just looked deeper into you.
You bit my neck blue.
We hung our clothes up on the floor
And put our faith in a closed door.
We're having this party. Please come.
It won't be the same without you.
Please come
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