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Lyrics to Were You Thinking Of Me?
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It was the day when they put her on the cover
They found the corpse in the back of a mercury
They got het labtop picking all the numbers
Trying to reach they never meant to reach
They called a top doc messing with the data
Trying to help but they couldn't eventually

She's a rough cut
She's a tough top stuff

Were you thinking of me?
With a love like that

It was a night, a night just like the others
Picked up the pack that she always gave to me
She wore her lacquer top
Tripping undercover
Got in her car, just to never get back to me
sneak in her room, she's missing all her lovers
I really hope i can get away with it

She's a top cop
She's a top ten stuff
Songwriters: Poniklo, Imre / Fogarasi, Laszlo
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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