Lyrics to We're On Our Way
We're On Our Way Video:
It started out in London
In the back of Benny's pub
We hit the road and ran the miles
We must have played a thousand clubs

From Liverpool to Soho
From Hamburg to Berlin
The people were there waiting
For the big show to begin

And it looked like we were headed
For a really crazy ride
But we had rock'n'roll on our side

We're on our way, no turning back
To rule the world, we can't go wrong
We're on our way to fame & fortune
One million miles, ten million hearts
One simple song

By the time we got to Boston
We were learning how to fly
And we got to write our story
Al across the endless sky

Everybody made us feel good
They gave us platinum and gold
This reckless band of rebels
With a legend to be told

The ladies and the limos
Were there ready for the ride
With rock'n'roll to
Take us through the night

(Thanks to Paul for these lyrics)
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