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Lyrics to We're Not Flavored Bleach
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Many Limb know not the joy of creek.
Far to sod unflow lot decree.
For in sequined asking, photo clasping, contrabanding, also traveling, face on donuts.
I can tell ultrasnake is oh so drill.
Penguin drafting, elastic mask peach, major silent unfused petrol.
I can tell lits maul soapy timeless smelt.
Vulture hot thick, acrobatic, mulch o' matic, free throw tasking, unsavory beetle connoisseur.
I can tell citrus blast me caramel.
Soft graffiti, egg roll calligraphy, hollow ghost surrender meat, phonograph stating "I'm not cook well."
Key selling perfume,
allegro curb dew,
Fisty maid grip, salt mercedes, I grow fairies, not very lasering, nacho say dowe, octopus cape furring ,stencil laboring.
Aught grow fell outro deity follow scale.
For every Pedro creamery, dice mow acher fees, find ok loo t's, century anemones, foul coat weave celebrities.
Just as well states unstale wordless maples starting out.
See no way we seat belt transcend, I'm about.
Extroskeletin suburban doubt.
Arose date Keep, unsure father's sow.
Fit cool solid toiletized,
we're not flavored bleach.
Light on a stone fly, fed up furn to say, "I've sewn decory all trust bow mule as."
Marker set do leaf, taste most stem.
Sought he sorrow, font comma cule feast.
Neon scroll fumble, fetus do car destined.
One more mold salami in this flag.
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