We're All We've Got Lyrics

Worn Thin

Long Road Ahead

Lyrics to We're All We've Got
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Sometimes hope is all we've got. it breaks my haert to hear you say you're giving up without a fucking fight. what are we afraid of? did you know, you're not alone? we've all been down this road. and doubt can even make us question who we are and what we know, the fear of being alone. don't be afraid to take the challenge. cause you might fall, sometimes growing up can be so hard. but if you ever need me, i'll be there. i won't turn away. i know how you're feeling, i've been knocked down and asked myself why i should even get up. but it's not something we can take for granted. get up and fight another day, tomrrow's not the same as today. it's not the same. it's another day

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