Well OK Honey Lyrics

Jenny O.

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Lyrics to Well OK Honey
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You are my lover and I do like you
But what's the limit, tell me what to do
I'm not your kind
And you're not mine

Oh sugar I'm too young for you
Not like my number but in everything I do
I am a child, you have a child

You wake up early, I do anything I can
But I can fake it while you go and meet the man
And make some money (money!)
To make the money

Baby baby
Tell me where you are
I'll come and meet you
But you know I can go far
And take some time
You can't have mine

Well OK honey
But I'm too hot for you
Ain't got no money
And I wear the hippie shoes
I am a hippie (hippie!)
I am a hippie

Into another
I hope you understand
I'll need you later
I want you in my band
I am your sister (sister!)
You're like my brother
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