Lyrics to We'll Die
We'll Die Video:
oh worldly hopes / you set your heart on / all will turn to ash / below the fire you start / like snow or ice / in a new days sunrise / they'll shine in the world / for a matter of moments and then / they'll melt back in the dirt and in the hay / uh huh in the hay / what will you take into your tomb / uh huh on your dying day / what will you shine upon your doom / when I was younger and taken care of / when I was warmed and fed up by my mom / it was fun to get cold and fast / when I was tough / my skin was smooth / but now that it's rough / I put the next foot in front / I slowly carve / out at our days like water / uh huh in the waves / I'll bring my fire to the estuary / uh huh from the highest place / to the darkest cave / I'll go with just my eyes to scare me

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