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Thr33 Ringz

Lyrics to Welcome To Thr33 Ringz Intro
Welcome To Thr33 Ringz Intro Video:
Nappy boy (nappy boyyy)
Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-huh
Three ringz
Yeah, we the class clowns jumpin' ship
Third time around dawg

If I was just to step in the ring
And outta the box
Would errbody be on my
Or will I stop

Say hello to my left friend, hey
Styles change up like lip kimp
Face it, I let my heat swing t-pain so actin homie
The way the beat bump niggas try to get proactive on me (damnn)
But I done cleared the rumors
Everything in the open
Now you know how big the room is
Tell her what the truth is
They can't handle it
They're like a nigga slicker than a mayonnaise sandwich
But they be like g-g-g-god dammit, pause
This nigga park it fatter than santa claus (ohhh)
This nigga career big like some granny drawers
Hadda get a piano to put his grammy on
Yeah, bulgari, bentley, escalade, beamer, mini-coop?, , escapade, f**k her bad, make it rain, lamborghini
I gon' cover shit up like a transfered
I give a damn if you seen me I'm a did what I does
I ain't doin shit wrong like no kissin' my cousin
I know you wanna hear somethin different
Ain't you tired of his shit
Ain't you curious about this shit
Even if you picked this shit up from a distance at least stand still for a second and listen
I'm tellin you now it ain't a thing
I got the bling bling of a rapper but I sing
So welcome to three ringz
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