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Lyrics to Welcome To The Real World
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Where people die and pain is real
No one gives a fuck about how you feel
Everything has a price and a consequence
No one has the time or the tolerance
To listen to you why you are crying boo hoo
I don't know what to do my rent is overdue
pay it PAY IT!
And if you dont have the cash then your out on your ass


Cause everyone has trouble achieving
Everyone has time disbelieving
It may not be what you heard


Welcome to the real world!

Now I must admit im knew to my self
But I can't understand how everyone else
Has their own way to feel and their own way to deal
With the same shit I do.
But it just keeps coming over and over again
Yeah thats right to the day the world ends
Im sure i'll wake up one day thinking thats funny
Having no life and no friends and no money


But i know your on your way
And i know you will be ok
So there's no need to be afraid.
Songwriters: Anzai, Emma / Moore, Shimon / Mileski, Chris
Publisher: Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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