Welcome To Nowhere Lyrics

Damien Zygote

Non-album songs

Lyrics to Welcome To Nowhere
Hey, Where You Going?

"I Like Your Shoes"

There's A Man In The Factory

Stomping On The Chickens

There's A Geezer In A Wheelchair

Strangling Himself

There's A Girl Holding Scissors

On A One Way Street

I Don't Know What She's Doing

Should I Call Someone Else?

There's A Man With A Moustache

Smoking All The Cigarettes

God Damn White Trash

Stinkin' Up The Dump

Kids In The Park

Chasin' All The Rats Away

God Damn Atheists

Getting Paid To Pray

All These People Are Gonna Fuck You

(You Little Fucker)

You're Gonna Have To Fuck 'Em

All The Way Back Home

There's A Big Fat Cockroach

Running Up My Bills

There's A Little Skinny Monkey

Running Up The Hill

Which Way To The Information Flow?

Getting Ready For The Ice Age

Just Keep Going That Way, Keep Going

I Took Some LSD

"There's A Whole Other World Out Here"

"Never Flush Anything Down The Toilet"

I Took Some LSD

Thanks For Riding

Welcome To Nowhere

Can I Get Some Urine?

Can You Go?

Are You Able To Give Some Urine?

Here, Pee In This

There You Go

You Should Have Come Down To See Me Sooner

"Here, Eat This Receipt"

You Can Come Down Anytime You Want

And Stay With Me

Can You Remember Where You're From?

Can You Remember Where You Live?

Can You Remember Who You Are?

They're Not Gonna Let You Out

"Dying Of Thirst In This Fucking Place"

"Hey, This Ain't A Fuckin' Boarding Home"

"Let's Kill 'Em"

Everything Behind You

Is Being Destroyed

You Gotta Keep On Moving

We're Counting On You

You're The One

"You Know That's Vomit, Right?"

Take Me Uptown

Take Me Uptown


Hey, Get In The Car

Stick Your Head On

You're Gonna Have To Breathe Under Water

You'll Get Used To It

Let 'Em Know

You're Plugin' 'Em All In

I Can See 'Em Lightin' Up

Everybody's Getting Connected

Everybody's Inside The Mind

Were All A Buncha Sneeky

Sneeky Sneeky People Out Here

Welcome To Nowhere
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