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Lyrics to Welcome To My Book Collection
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"We are an island" he says
The other man smiles and replies
"We are an island indeed"
In deed and in word
We fool ourselves
Something can be done
And nothing is clear or concise
As the transmission of reason
And clear thinking are slowly
Weeded out and buried
Separation becomes the
Standard and everyday practice
Drawing in becomes more complete
With every downcast eye
And mumbled word
Dead words on both sides
And all the inbetweens
"Where do we stand?"
Echoes in the empty spaces
Never to be filled
As the devisions continue being defined
Untill everyone is the enemy
With the collapsing comes a lust
For revenge destroying more
Ourselves not the least
As we carry out what was screamed for
We forget screaming sounds
Weak over the rush of air
And constant destruction
And tears and empty words
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