Lyrics to Welcome Here
Welcome Here Video:
Suddenly you raise your eyes and see the day that slowly starts to rise.
It never was before but now it is so it has caught you by surprise
But oh it's been very; it's been so hard sometimes you know it's right.
The time has moved us back beyond the door that I was trying to get in
But everything has come so clear that I don't know where to begin
But oh it's been very, oh it's been so hard long to find you know it's right
You've gone so many times before, what rules do you follow?
If something would happen to you, I don't know what I would do.
I can see the tide is quickly coming in, but I can barely see out
It's moving now.
But I hope, someday we'll see you arrive
If you could still see the moon
They'll send you and leave you out
Someday soon they'll offer it to you
And now it goes on and on
And now it's close to dark reflections of you seem to slide across the waves
I never will forget and how would I because I was standing there for days
But oh it's been very; it's been so hard sometimes you know it's right.
The weight of this is nothing to complain about
And what would you add up?
Its moving now
Something came to life and told me what I had to feel
So I took their advice now I'm turning on the wheel.
I'll be alright so don't count me out.
The timing has to be right, so we don't leave any doubts
Suddenly the sun is right where you belong
Suddenly the sun is moving you along
All becomes the weather seems to make a certain way that you will find
It's only put together for a day and somehow enters in your mind
Oh it's been very; it's been so long
I hope someday we'll see you arrive
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