Lyrics to Welcome Back
Welcome Back Video:
I love the ocean 'cause it's big enough to drown us all
In all the sorrows we've created in the years come and gone,
And if it's not enough to open up and split us wide
It's sure to finish us the moment we step back when the tide comes in

But that is not the way I think I want to rock my world
And if you're king then I'm just another dumb, naive little girl,
I know that's fine with you but it's not really quite my style,
I guess we'll both find out exactly where we stand in awhile now

Well, now, everything is clear now, welcome back to the world now
Hey now, just how long could we have been here, now?

Why don't we let go of it?

Well, I've been around and there is so much here to figure out
So I figure I'll keep moving on and see what life's all about
'Cause that just might be what I really need
Yeah, that just might be what I really need

Hey now, well now, everyone is here now
Welcome back to the world now,
Well now, just how long have we been sleeping, now?
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