Weighed Down Lyrics

Hostage Calm

Demo 2007

Lyrics to Weighed Down
Weighed Down Video:
The things they celebrate,
I tried to just escape
In the wake - THE WAKE
Of old friend's assimilations
Followed by condemnation of me
I sank so deep
I nearly drowned
Weighed down

I've seen the magazines, the pretty and the clean
It's obscene
We're staring at their sun
But we still can't see the light

1, 2, 3, 4, OH!

Caught confusing acceptance for success
When we live to be like them, we just end up with less
And if this means we have to start clean
It won't weigh me down

I stood and stared
I stood and stared
I stood and stared...

At the mirror instead of the screen
And ran away to the rhythm
Of the sound that set me free.

Standing toe to toe;
It's all in my control.
Put my back to the sun
And now I see the light
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