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Lyrics to Weeping The Blues
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I got up late this morning And went down to the park I walked on down that good ol' memory lane I saw pictures of the past Of days that went by fast And tried to get those good times back again Goodbye, goodbye Baby, baby please don't cry Sometimes it's so hard to hide my tears So I'm just weeping the blues into your ears Again I sat down by the river And thought what I could give her If she would still be sittin' by my side Yes, I lost a friend Those times won't come again And now I 've got to sit here all alone Goodbye, goodbye ... Until the very end Fate will be my best friend And anybody else can be replaced I'm gonna manage my tomorrows In happiness and sorrows And won't deny I need your helping hand Hello, hello Baby, baby please don't go Sometimes I would like to dry your tears But now I'm just weeping the blues into your ears Again Weeping the blues into your ears again ...

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