Lyrics to Weekend Song
Weekend Song Video:
Coming up today
And it's been too long
Since I've gotten to see your face
Gonna paint the town
When the sun comes up
We'll just talk while we're laying around
Stay another day
And we'll laugh and we'll sing
While we don't do a thing
When you comin' back for another weekend?

All week, workin'
My girl is coming to town
Runnin', ridin'
Take every moment just as fast as we can
All night, party
And we'll be burnin' it down
Livin', lovin'
On the weekend

Pull up to my place
And I'm meeting you down
At the street cause I just can't wait
Whisper in your ear
Let's go smoke cigarettes
I'm so glad that you're finally here
Then we'll plan our day
When it's all said and done
We just plan to have fun
I'm so glad you're back for another weekend!

I touch your face
Heart begins to race
Is this right?
Certainly feels that way
So we kid ourselves
This happens every time

So are we stopping here?
Or are we letting go?
Don't know!
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