Lyrics to Wedding
Wedding Video:
crooked heals on battered boots shoot down ragged miles i'm coming home i'm like a girl in all her rags and all her pearls i hear her talk through viscious teeth sing god is gone stop hanging on my sleeve and i can't speak and all of that will never please a hollow moon hung like a heart stars like dirty sparks on dirty seas and never seen and all of that and all of these i hear her dust fall at her feet and christ and all his crows can't keep it neat so what of me and all that i don't wanna be a bitter taste a bitter pill says nothing's ever true and ever will become of me or make a sense of what i see on broken nerves in ragged clothes eyes that never close stare back at me and never see and holler names and follow me what's written now you can't erase and pages from my past get in my way for one of why i make a stand or take a side

Songwriters: Ashton, John / Butler, Richard Lofthouse / Butler, Timothy / Kilburn, Duncan / Morris, Roger / Davey, Vincent
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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