Lyrics to Wedding Cake Eighths
Hexadecimal pattern, vessel cruisin' past Saturn
I don't fuck with no master's tools, house rules
Splitting wedding cake eighths on a first date with a nemesis
Sometimes sunlight menaces, reticence of the heavensent
Gesture echo, emotional threshold
Flex to feel special, what about you not for purchase?
Misery careens, suffering lurches
Poetic terrorists make a resurgence
Purple lung potion
In brightness, smell the ocean
Picture my flow as seagulls shitting on you
Image: Soulfolks sorcerer waving arms fluidly
Condition: Extra large medium
Rappers react, whole typecast give me gas
Reflex, reflux
Wrote this on a cornhusk
Only play the games that I win at, no winning
Panoramic view of skew, hindsight
Pentagonal rolling papers, panopticon seven-layered, offsides
Playing patty cake with alter egos wearing my favorite halter-top
Taking free throws, falter not delete those
Incriminating megabytes, detonating phenotype
Mesmerizing keynote might pay your car note
Hard "r" air quotes, ergo in erehwon, no coupons, sick joke
Killed the show, wonder why they never come back though

Sometimes a person never comes back
I too lived in exile, but I came back
Sometimes a person never comes back
Sometimes a person never comes back
Sometimes a person never comes back