Lyrics to Webs
All while you hide
Have you forgotten?
The way this all came to be
Fire down your orders
Behind your shield
The fodder tossed wayside you foresee.

Sit upon your throne, as if you’re royalty

I will not bow down, to your anointed crown
The very thought of this disgrace sickens me

Hopeless and alone we are our own enemies
How could we let this come to be

Corruption runs through your blood
Like a river overflowing the dam
Forked tongue spits venomous lies
Bluffing foolish into thinking you can
Save money, Be wealthy, Stay healthy. All lies.
All you do is line the pockets of your friends
But soon you’ll meet your own demise

Your two faced persona is being revealed
You’re losing composure. Destroy what you’ve built
Saviour of the greedy, black spot on mankind
Behind the smug smile, A monsters design.

The wolves are gathering in their lairs
Sharpen black teeth, Sheep’s clothes they wear
Stealing from the weak one by one
Webs carefully re-spun

Vampires feast on our necks
Ravenous beasts soar overhead
Destroying the weak one by one
Webs carefully re-spun

Deceptive you twist all the words that you say
Insidious snare traps the souls that you prey
We’ve been bound and gagged, sat silent for too long
It’s time for upheaval, your empire’s swan song

We yearn to be free of your disease

We’ll slit your throat and watch you choke
The blood will trickle down and saturate your lungs
Blatant turncoat, with our last vote
We will throw you to the wolves your rule is done

We won’t bow down to you
Deceptive webs undone
Songwriters: Daniel Ralph, James Ash
Publisher: Lyrics © Eclipse Loud
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