Lyrics to Weary Soldier
Weary Soldier Video:
Every day is a constant struggle to remember all your promises,
forgetting what you told me is something of a constant occurrence,
But you will always be there, lifting me up pulling me right through,
In a world shifting of sand, I will always put my faith in you.

Though my heart be broken, I'll follow you,
though my faith be shaken you pull me through.

Though men may fall around me, and hearts be turned to hard and gray,
still put the sword in my hand, so I may fight another day,
I know you'll always be there, you are my strength and you're my song,
together we'll face the enemy, we're standing for truth against the wrong,

Pick up your sword, stand and fight, face the wrong and protect the right.
pick up your sword, stand and fight, he will guide you right through the night.
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