Lyrics to Weak One Now
Weak One Now Video:
It's not your promises that I don't respect
They're cold comfort when I'm wrecked
Reaching blindly out for you
I've heard it said at least a thousand times before
"Just keep knocking at the door of opportunity"

I'm the weak one now
And I don't need your sacred cow
It's hard to drink the dreams
Mingled ashes and the might-have-been
Kill the spirit
Assail the flesh
We amuse ourselves to death
Holy words on bated breath lose their meaning
20th century, shut up

Gold has lost its luster
The silver becomes dull
Once I used to run with joy
Now I can barely crawl
I'd like to help you, brother
I've washed my hands and dried
The steely blade of science never hypnotized me once
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