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Red Animal War

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Lyrics to Weak Bones May Break
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like father like son. there's a poison in their blood it must run. and what have they done but destroy the one illusion. not everything's fine. can you see it crumbling from the inside. eight seconds of time and what did they find. are we really that blind. camelot gives crowns you know. the charisma brought him downtown. they rang out like church bells at three. was it for us not to question. judas must have kissed his head. to mark the spotlight's covered with their filter. do you think they would believe you. do you think they don't. are you sure they won't. and what have we become. as a child you notice nothing but the air outside is cold. where have the good days gone. please don't ask that question of no confession. but fair share of introspection. a fair share of introspection

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