Lyrics to We Will Fall
We Will Fall Video:
Oh gi ran ja ran ja ja ran....TonightI'll hold myself tightI won't fight, I won't fightThen I whisper to meThen I whisper to meThen I 'll lay right downand I 'll lay right downon my backon my bedin my hoteland I'll be in loveWell, all night, all nightand in the mornin' I'll be readyTo see you, to see youDon't forget to comeRoom 121Don't forget to comeI'll be shakin' I'll be tremblin'I'll be happy, I'll be weakAnd lI'll love you, and lI'll love youAnd we'll fall to sleepWe'll fall to sleepSix o'clock, dong, dongreal far, real fargood-bye, good-bye, good-bye

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