(We Were) Foolish Like the Flowers Lyrics

Eric Andersen

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Lyrics to (We Were) Foolish Like the Flowers
(We Were) Foolish Like the Flowers Video:
The warm of wanting you
was just too much to even mention.
Washed in pale blues,
your touch it harmonized with deep magentas.
It's so sad when lovers they must leave.
It's so sad I believe.
Now I'm glad, happy just to be.

We were foolish like the flowers
to think a love like that, it could be ours.

It was so nice, you smiled and said
it felt like summer wine.
Like paradise lost, you said you'd go
your way I must go mine.
For every rainbow was one that had to end
try and catch it if you can.
Not being strangers, yet still not being friends.


Was it the breeze perfumed,
a wind of no tomorrow,
sailing free, lost high
above out seas of sorrow?
Falling together was such a natural thing to do,
floating free in the loveliness of you,
living each moment like I never knew.

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