We Used To Stand So Tall Lyrics

Simone White

I Am The Man

Lyrics to We Used To Stand So Tall
We Used To Stand So Tall Video:
Hush now darling my momma said
Your daddy's worried bout the rents(?)
One day you'll learn about the enemy
You have to fight so you'll be free

Another day will dawn
Our country will be strong
God knows we can't go wrong

Be good darling do as we say
One day you'll learn to work for pay
And you will understand that we are poor
You must work hard so you'll have more

Another day will dawn
You will grow up so strong
We know you will be long

Listen father there is no work
It seems that no one sees my worth
I have no money to pay my rent
I cannot pay back what was lent

Listen mother I lost my man
He was shot down in a foreign land
The captain cannot see what he died for
They only tell me we're at war

Another time will come
You'll see what we have done
I only hope we may be forgiven

Another rain will fall
And wash away our song(?)
We used to stand so tall 3x

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