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Lyrics to We the Machine
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I know this group of folks
With a bad attitude
They whine about money
And the hearts they've consumed
They deliver with their mouths
Their views become the truth

With my hands to the sky
And my head to the floor
We lie to each other
As we praise the Lord
And we lie to ourselves
Thinking our hearts are so pure
So pure, yeah, whoa

And I know this group if kids
Who were so scared to die
They raced to be perfect
Erasing blades in their eyes
And to feel their hearts connected
We're on the other line
The other line, yeah

With my hands on the floor
And my head in the sky
You're praying to God
But you can't find out why
Your heart feels so abandoned
And empty inside
Inside, yeah, whoa

Our hearts will not be abandoned
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