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Chorus (2x) We started the shit, and we gon' finish the shit! MJG: Riding down the strip on a trip in my 'Ham sammich Started this shit and I'm gon' finish yes I am dammit We gonna slam it down like to hit it, here its shitted Here its time for them niggas in Memphis, Tenn to get deep within it How deep? shit the devil stay right down the street and why you mad? the rebels tied a brother by his feet for what, for what I don't know they tied him to a pickup truck then posted up and down like they didn't really give a fuck I get rid of bigots with bad racial equalities bust back at KKK's who try to follow me these hollowties saving my ass in crucial situations any other tactics I need, I use imagination I'm ten steps ahead of your ass type of nigga shit that I already know you try to figure give up, put your ship up, don't try to sail don't you see we got this shit built up, can't pry a nail in my foundation my sound making too many bump all out the trunk get crunk and blow blunts and buck jump ain't no luck chump we come intentional with this dope shit using a pen or a pencil back when I wrote this space age, feel it perculatin' but all this hurt and hatin' still keep on bringing people back to old situations I change the stations but they playing the same list we started the shit and we gon' finish the shit Chorus (4x) Eightball: Mental battlescars polluting my cranium watered down fake niggas I'm draining 'em and training 'em Claiming them Suave House niggas to the dirt bitch cross the family and you gon' find yourself gettin hurt, bitch peices all in a nigga mind it ain't reality fuck reconciliation, niggas don't want no unity born dyin every minute death is closer to me its like I'm in a movie, except I'm feeling everything pain when another motherfucker try to touch me anger when a petty player faker try to fuck me 8-B-A-double L, fat M-A-C nice with a mic and I don't think you wanna fuck with me love head doctors and I don't mean a psyciatrist bitches with that lip grip tighter than a gorilla fist pimp shit, when is everybody gonna learn Pimps and gangstas make the universe turn poverty with the right amount of hustle turns to riches but wrong situations turn hard niggas to bitches I was born in the war zone fought for everything I got learned about my hustle, nigga worked and made the shit hot hoes started jockin niggas, boppin like they bitches too other niggas mad cause they only sold a tape or two fuck what you heard nigga fuck who you be suave got the hookup cause suave got the cheese nigga Chorus (8x)

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