We Said Our Goodbyes Lyrics

The I In Team

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Lyrics to We Said Our Goodbyes
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I would've thought that you would at least feign an interest.
kisses sour her lips.
feet cemented, cast in.
who was worse off?
I won't let her bring me down.
you broke my heart, and these past few days have been hard.
I unfortunately didn't notice these things that were making you leave.
I take it back, everything I said.
how can I be sincere?
their poison is strong, but we can start over.
you broke my heart, but you know I will always forgive you,
I hope all your dreams come true, much love for making me real.
I lost myself choking from running mascara on her face.
I take it back, we can start over.
we should start over.
she was mine.
penance for this mourning is staying here, dying.
she was mine.
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