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Lyrics to We Never Run
They behind us now, backin' around
Tryna come and lock us down
And every other new step that I take, I'm just praying for solid ground
You can keep on coming for as long as you want, cause you can never have this sound
It's all yours if you catch us slippin'
For now, the night is ours and we're manning it proud

We never run
Run, run, run
We never run
Run, run, run
We never run

But we surely do run things
My snake and bat family been known to do fun things
Like blacken the sun rings, snack on assumptions
These babble rappers madder that I'm claiming the one king
The king of the Netscape, smashing your backboard
Dunkin' on discussions from these two cent crack whores
Every bar I pen is like a hook to a glass jaw
My legacy's hats off you miserable jack-offs
And they got the nerve to turn it down a bit
Cause the sound they kick is counterfeit and I don't think they proud of it
Not one bit, they whisper to one-six
And think we do not hear them, they can suck a two-ton dick
Opposition poppin' they lip in proper position
For stoppin' our commission but cannot lock a condition
It's funny how they thought we were done, we just begun
I won't stop until I know that we won, give me some

We never run
Run, run, run
We never run
Run, run, run
We never run

But we surely do run things
Scramble in Miami for them family functions
Handle any damage and don't hang on assumptions
We strangle any angle can't stand with no punk shit
I move slow when the rush hits
And hustle when he count sheep, lyin' unconscious
Me and the [?] fam get drunk and obnoxious
Whenever backstage, and these places are awesome
How much gas in the tank?
How much dank in the lab?
How much Jack have I drank?
Well we burnin' oils after midnight with the band
We just the back of the class
Singin' songs for the cash
We living life too fast and so we always keep running, I'm a marathon man
I keep observing poets panic from the start
Tryna compensate for the fake carbon-counter part
But I'm never lost when he got them damaging the park
And we keep gettin' quicker from the sprints in the dark
They say there's levels to this
So I'm tryna climb up quick
Cause the second-hand comin' no matter how well he 'quipped
This one's for the ones pounding sneakers on bricks
Drink water cause you ain't seen shit...
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