We Never Fight Or Disagree Lyrics

The Pale

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Lyrics to We Never Fight Or Disagree
We Never Fight Or Disagree Video:
take a minute to look and you will see
we never fight and we barely disagree
the ideal example of two becoming one
a wonderful picture of true love

we'll have perfect children who obey and don't complain and never take the lord's name in vain
we'll have a big house and all the other things that you could possibly hope to have

i'll impress you with my mock humility
when i really know how much you could learn from me
we have the wisdom people desperately need all by the age of 23
we're relationship experts to hide our own shortcomings inside
don't ask me what's inside

we could make this moment last forever
hand in hand and so in love
so in love
we had our weekly night out on the town
to treat ourselves to the finer things in life well, i guess i had one too many
i made a fool of myself and you told me so and said that i had no self control
i criticized your hair and clothes
and made you cry
and we had completely surprised ourselves
and i drove in the shape of waves

we have made this moment last forever
mad and not so in love
hauled away in a cop car
that's not the way i want to go
it's not the way i want to go

i was scared for a second that it might not work out for you and me
then i reminded myself that we never fight or disagree
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