Lyrics to We Keep On Singin'
We Keep On Singin' Video:
Sometimes my mind gets drowned in these thoughts that I'm thinking
I keep thinking, over analyzing these situations
Sometimes I feel like its all just bullshit
Someone please come and tell me, is this all just a load of shit?
But then I think, what am I saying?
I believed in this, I've spent months and years supporting all of it.
I can't let a couple incidents, a couple of consequences, bring me down.
We gotta keep working, keep doing what we gotta do
Though sometimes you can't avoid this, this feeling I've been going through
So you gotta hang in there, until this feeling passes
You gotta sit through it, till this feelings gone
Then you gotta get up and out of bed, start breathing again
And if you have to, go out to dinner with a couple of friends
And then you gotta wake up and realize that the feelings are the real bullshit
We wouldn't do this if we didn't live for it, no
And we keep on singing, we keep on playing, we keep on keeping on
So keep singing along!
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